Conservation and restoration of books and documents

Since 2005 Artpapel has a conservation laboratory specialized in conservation and restoration of ancient books and documents. Directed by Giuliano Camilleri degree in conservation of Books and Documents in the European School of Book Conservation of Spoleto, with Advance Bookconservation Interniship in the Library of Congress in Washington DC, our conservation laboratory offers all the services of conservation, restoration and advice. Since the conservation and restoration of paper and bindings to the study and prevention of deterioration of bibliographic, documentary and photographic collection. They trusted and continue to trust in our workshop public and private institutions in Spain and Italy, including: Biblioteca Central de Cantabria, Archivo Histórico de Santillana del Mar, Museo Etnografico de Cantabria, Fundación Botín, Fundación Santillana, Fundación Barcenillas, Archivo La Fuente Centro de Estudios del Beato de Liebana, Centro de interpretación de Recursos Escolares, Biblioteca Dei Lincei e Corsiniana Roma, Archivio Storico del Comune di Catania, Museo Provinciale della Fotografia di Caltagirone among others.

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